I was commissioned by Paines Plough, along with lighting designer Emma Chapman, to design and build a pop-up theatre in the round.  They were looking for a structure that was self-contained, and could be put up as quickly as possible by just a handful of people, using no tools and requiring no specialist skills or equipment.  The theatre needed to be able to travel anywhere and fulfil a stringent environmental remit, with a sensitivity towards materials and using as little power as possible.  


Following four years of development, we launched the ROUNDABOUT in August 2014.  


ROUNDABOUT was named Theatre Building of the Year at The Stage Awards 2015.








We wanted the ROUNDABOUT to be a holistically designed space, in which the technical requirements of the auditorium are not separate from the architecture.


studio three sixty was founded following the success of the ROUNDABOUT.  We design and construct pop-up environments and bespoke temporary structures.  We also revitalise and create installations within existing environments.


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